Q. Are your “chemicals” safe for my kids and/or pets?
A. We do not use “chemicals” in cleaning carpets or upholstery. All of our cleaning solutions are household and pet safe. The solution we use is similar to laundry detergent and is just as safe. The only time we use “chemicals” is for spot treating things that are not water soluble such as gum, ink, rust and tar. Those spots are treated with an appropriate cleaning agent then thoroughly rinsed out of the carpet.

Q. I have black lines at the edges of my carpet, can you get them out?
A. Yes we can. These lines are called filtration lines, appropriately so, because the air in your house is being filtered by your carpet. It’s caused by the way that air flows through your house. This can happen in a couple of ways; as the air flows through your house it hits the walls and drops down onto the carpet leaving the airborne soil on those edges. It can also come from air flow inside your walls or floors, as it tries to make its way in or out it also leaves behind airborne soil. You can tell if it’s coming from inside the home because the soil will be darker on the top of the fibers than at the base, if it’s coming from inside the walls or floors the soil will be darker at the base than at the top of the fibers. Although every room in your house can be affected we usually find the black edges under doors, in hallways and on stairs and in most cases we find it’s coming from inside the home. Although it generally shows up on light colored carpets, dark carpets can be affected, we just can’t see it as well.

Q. How is Carpet Man Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning different than any other carpet cleaning company?
A.We’ve been in business since 1978 and we have a vested interest in making you happy so that when you and your friends or family has a need for carpet or upholstery cleaning services you’ll call us.
You know when you call you will talk with Joy and when we are in your home we will act with professionalism and treat your home with care and concern.
We work to keep our prices affordable and yet offer uncompromising quality in our products and services.
We aren’t limited to one type of cleaning. Although we know that hot water extraction is superior to any other method, we have different cleaning systems to choose from, depending on your circumstances.
Our guarantee: If you aren’t happy with it you don’t pay for it.

Q. What happens if you clean my carpet and a spot comes back?
A. It’s very simple. You call us and we’ll come back to redo that spot. No hassle and no problem.

Q. What can I do to keep my carpet or furniture clean longer?
A. Have a protectant applied after the carpet is cleaned; it will add a layer of protection from spills and soils. Vacuuming as often as possible will go a long way in keeping loose dirt and soil from working its way down into the carpet fibers.

Q. Is it true that carpets get dirty faster after they are cleaned?
A. They can. If they are improperly cleaned i.e. using too much detergent or inferior detergents, leaving the carpets too wet or not rinsing the detergent out of the carpet, can result in soil attracting residue being left behind. Our specialty cleaning agents don’t leave a sticky residue even if they aren’t rinsed out.

Q. We have allergies, will cleaning help?
A. Absolutely! Carpets and upholstery actually help filter the air in your home. You can see this mainly in the soil lines under drapes, along walls and under doors. These lines are from the air moving through your carpet and depositing soil and indoor pollutants. This is a good thing because the allergens and pollutants are trapped in the carpet and not floating in the air. When you clean your carpets those pollutants are extracted out of the house along with the water we use for cleaning. We can also apply a anti allergen treatment that can reduce the levels of serious allergies between cleanings, by as much as 90%. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will also help.

Q. How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?
A. As a general rule, you should hire a carpet cleaning professional every 12 months or less for high-traffic areas. However, if you have pets or children, your carpet may be in dire need of stain removal and require a thorough cleaning more frequently.